Biographical information Nadja Kutz


science education

1987/88Special Student (grant), MIT, Media Lab, Math/Physics Dep.
1990Diploma in Physics, Technical University of Berlin
1996Ph.D. in Mathematics, Technical University of Berlin

art education

1990-2005 details


From 1990 to 1997 I was administrator (Geschäftsführerin) of the special research unit Sfb288 at TU Berlin. The job comprehended the organisation of conferences, guest invitations, preprint publishing etc. and the administration of a budget of approx. 1 Mio Euros/year. From 1991-2015 my main work has been though teaching and research. For details please see teaching and list of publications. From April 2015 - June 2020 I was working at Vesta Business Simulations. My work there consisted mainly of working on problems in the domain of math and physics and related disciplines.

art practice

I have accompagnied my scientific work with visualization and art works, which documentation can be found on this web domain. Newer works, which include hardware applications are mostly to be found on the astlab pages.

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