some visual art by Nadja Kutz (2011/2012)


A User Had Killed My Baby (Gifanimation)
romantic-montmartre-style Safe

oneline drawings:

Some busts at Bode Museum, Berlin drawn (approximately) in one line:
pencil, DIN A3

figure drawings:

I haven't done any figure drawings for quite a while, here images from the one and only session in 2011 (which was sofar also the last session I have taken):

5 min (each)

pencil, DIN A3 pencil, DIN A3

10 min (each)

pencil, DIN A3


some freehand drawings (2011)
copic marker, DIN A3 pencil, DIN A3


ausstellung mit silikatglas linse (2012):


PR Disaster bei der Meilander Haute Couture: Der Orden des Herrn Majors war zu schwer. (All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)


-there is also some older art on the art education page
-"low art" contains some media art which didn't make it into the frontpage selection

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