art education Nadja Kutz

Also if fine art practice is usually not regarded as a prerequisite for doing media art, visualization or science, I think it is important.

Hence I took a couple of fine art classes and workshops. Some classes required a portfolio:

1992,1993Life drawing classes 2 semesters Gerd Neuhaus, UdK Berlin
1997/98Sculpture class 1 semester Yoshimi Hashimoto, UdK Berlin

Classes and workshops that did not require a portfolio (teachers):

Fritz Baack (Sculpture, 1992)
Ursula Drees (Typography/Design, 2005)
Martina Goldbeck (Drawing, painting 2000, 2004, 2005)
Birgit Knappe (Sculpture 1994/1995)
Micha Koch (Sculpture 1990)
Igor Mischiyev (Design/Photography, 2005)

some body and face studies

© Nadja Kutz

The above bronze sculpture was casted in a backyard garage with a selfmade oven. The oven was constructed in a collaboration with Sven Jakubith in 1990. We also did the bronze casts together until the oven died...after two casting sessions...:-)

It was also important for me to learn a bit about cinema and films, by attending e.g. lectures and seminars (including a 2-day-seminar in 1985 by Andrei Tarkovsky) and by helping out/jobbing at film sets.

Some experiences in experimental film productions:

Ellen Sebring(Being female main character in video/dance project "Aviary"; MIT 1987/88)
Peter Sempel(taking the still photographs of Kazuo Ohno at the dance workshop in Venice 1991 for "Just visiting this planet")
Alfa Conradt(We were doing together 3 short videos: Familienkompott (1992), Die rote Blume (1993) and a music video (1995))

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