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Source code: Mahrzipanien

Built with Processing

left mouse: pan scenery; right mouse: zoom in and out

Mahrzipanien* is the Berlin jargon for Marzahn a quarter of Berlin, which used so be a showcase of east german socialism. It was a new socialistic quarter buildt around the old village of Marzahn (1300 AC) and Biesdorf (whose settlements date back to 7300 BC) in the late 1970/1980ies. In 1977 there was the topping-out ceremony of the first socialistic skyscraper of Marzahn in Marchwitzastr. 41-45. Marchwitzastr. 41-45 doesn't exist anymore. It was torn down something like two years ago. There is a park there now. At other places schools are replaced by shopping malls called e.g. "eastgate". Marzahn is only a sample of the overall "fast history" of Berlin - which manifests itself also in its architecture. The probably most famous example is the "palace of the republic", which has been torn down right now. The "palace of the republic" was at the place of the old Berlin castle, which was torn down in 1950 by the east german republic. There is going to be a park there now. However there are plans to rebuild the old castle. Marzipanien is our contemplation about this architectural statements for defining history and future. We also had nowadays China in our mind which we both know in the state before the Tianmen protest in 1989...-the year when the Berlin wall came down.

* Mahr: old german word for tale; Marzipan means marzipan; the ending -ien indicates a country, so freely translated: Land of tales and marzipan.

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